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Mar 2, 2016

Principles of Cost Accounting

Principles of Cost Accounting

Book Title: Principles of Cost Accounting
15th Edition


Keep cost accounting readable and relevant for your students as Vanderbeck's PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 15e, International Edition introduces the essentials of cost accounting in a well-organized,

practical, and concise new edition. Within the book's unique ten-chapter format, students gain a thorough understanding of cost concepts, cost behavior, and cost accounting techniques as they apply to manufacturing and service businesses.Unlike other texts, PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 15e, International Edition ensures that students master the fundamentals before progressing to more complex topics. Students begin with job order costing, and then advance to process costing before delving into specialized topics, such as budgeting, standard costing and variance analysis, costing for service businesses, and cost analysis for management decisions.PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 15e, International Edition meets the unique learning needs of today's student by introducing concepts in small, manageable sections that are immediately reinforced with proven questions, demonstration problems, exercises, and self-study quizzes.Students develop the competitive edge needed for success in today's job market as they learn how to determine the costs of products and services accurately and set effective selling prices. Students discover how to bid on products and analyze the relative profitability of various products and services. The book's easily accessible presentation focuses on techniques to measure the performance of managers within an organization, design an accounting system to fit the production and distribution system of an organization, and use the accounting system as a tool to motivate managers toward an organization's goals. Count on PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 15e, International Edition for the most logical, relevant, and real approach to your cost accounting course.



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