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Jul 30, 2012

Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis 12e


Book Title : Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis 12e

Author(s) : Horngren, Datar, Foster

Publisher : Prentice Hall

To download each slide, click links below:

Chapter 1: The Accountant's Role in the Organization;

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Cost Terms and Purposes;

Chapter 3: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis;

Chapter 4: Job Costing;

Chapter 5: Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management;

 Chapter 6: Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting;

Chapter 7: Flexible Budgets, Direct Cost Variances, and Management Control; Chapter 8: Flexible Budgets, Overhead Cost Variances, and Management Control;

Chapter 9: Inventory Costing and Capacity Analysis;

 Chapter 10: Determining How Costs Behave;

Chapter 11: Decision Making and Relevant Information;

Chapter 12: Pricing Decisions and Cost Management;

Chapter 13: Strategy, Balanced Scorecard, and Strategic Profitability Analysis; Chapter 14: Cost Allocation, Customer-Profitability Analysis, and Sales-Variance Analysis;

Chapter 15: Allocation of Support Department Costs, Common Costs, and Revenues;

Chapter 16: Cost Allocation: Joint Products and Byproducts;

Chapter 17: Process Costing;

Chapter 18: Spoilage, Rework, and Scrap;

Chapter 19: Balanced Scorecard: Quality, Time, and the Theory of Constraints; Chapter 20: Inventory Management, Just-in-Time, and Backflush Costing; Chapter 21: Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis;

 Chapter 22: Management Control Systems, Transfer Pricing, and Multinational Considerations;

 Chapter 23: Performance Measurement, Compensation, and Multinational Considerations.



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