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May 31, 2012

General Science Objective Model Test 1

Time : 40 Minutes. Marks. 40

1. What is the number of liquid elements.

a) 2 b) 4 c ) 5 d) 7

2. Which substance has least intermolecular force?

a) Solid b) liquid

c) Gas d) Ice

3. First the idea of atom was put for ward by-

a) Konad b) Dalton

c) Avogadro d) Berzelius

4. How many number of di-atomic Gaseous elements?

a) 5 b) 7 c) 11 d) 2

5. How many types of molecule?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

6. Which substance has definite shape?

a) solid d) liquid

c) Gas d) Nothing of any

7. Which name Comes from arabic?

a) Na b) Zp c) Ca d) P

8. Which symbol is taken from Latin name?

a) Sulphur (s) b) Chlorin (Cl)

c) Iron ( Fe) d) Phosphorous (p)

9. Which one is positive radical?

a) SO4 b) CO3

c) NH4 d) NO3

10. What is the Correct formula of iron (iii) Sulphate?

a) Fe SO4 b) Fe2 (SO4)2

c) Fe2 (SO4)3 d) Fe3 (SO4)2

11. A metal M has valency 'x' and A non-metal N has valency 'y'. Which Compound is form when they combine with each other.

a) Mx Ny b) Mxy N

c) My Nx d) MNxy

12. Which di- valent metal?

i) Ca ii) Na iii) Mg iv) Al

Which is Correct?

a) Only i b) i and ii

c) i and iii d) i, ii, and iv

13. Which is indicated by the symbol of an element?

a) one atom of an element

b) One molecule of an element

c) First letter of the name of an element

d) Latin name of element

14. Epigeal germination is seen in which plant?

a) Paddy b) Gourd

c) Mango d) Goran

15. How many petals are found in the corolla of a chilli plant?

a) 02 b) 03

c) 04 d) 05

16. Which plant seeds need light for germination?

a) Tobacco b) Tomato

c) Dhutura d) Above all

17. Which one is a monocot plant?

a) Gram b) Pea

c) Maize d) both b and c

18. Which one is the example of the floating hydrophytes?

a) Agolla b) Wolffia

c) Lemna d) Above all

19. Fruit is developed from which part of a flower?

a) corollo b) ovule

c) Ovary d) Calyx

20. Which one is the example of aggregate fruit?

a) Fig b) Chalta

c) Jack fruit d) Lotus

21. How many chambers are present in the ovary of a chilli plant?

a) 2 b) 3

c) 4 d) 5

22. Which one is the example of amphibian hydrophytes?

a) Patashaola b) Hydrilla

c) Ipomoea d) Potamogeton

23. What kind of plant water lily is?

a) Autofrophie b) Parasitic

c) Saprophytic d) None

24. Which vitamin are present in chill?

a) Vit - A , B, C b) Vit - B, C E

c) Vit - A,. E, C d) None

25. How many days are needed to grow a new chilli plant form seed?

a) 3-4 days b) 3-4 months

c) 2-4 days d) 2-4 months

26. What is called the adjustment of the organism with the new environment?

a) Fertilization b) Vernalizatioin

c) Reproduction d) Adaptation

27. Who discovered gravitation?

a) Tycho -Brahe b) Kapler

c) Newton d) Gallileo

28. When a body is taken up from the surface of the earth what will happen to its weight? Weight-

a) Increases b) decreases

c) Remains same d) becomes zero

29. In which place the value of g is highest?

a) Polar region b) Equatorial region

c) At the centre of the earth

d) At the peak of a mountain

30. The mass of any body is 1 kilogram what is its weight?

a) 9.8 Newton b) 10 Newton

c) 98 Newton d) 980 Newton

31. Your mass is 42 kilogram on the earth. What will be your mass on the moon?

a) 42 kg b) 42 Newton

c) 7 kg d) 7 Newton

32. Which one is the SI unit of volume?

a) Square metre b) Cubic metre

c) Metre d) Newton

33. How many lengths are to be measured to determine the surface area of a sphere?

a) One b) two c) three d) Four

34. What type of simple machine is scissor?

a) lever b) Inclined plane

c) Pulley d) Pump

35. Which type of lever is nutcrakers?

a) First class b) second class

c) Third class d) May be all type

36. The mechanical advantage of a lever is 10. By applying 100 Newton force how much load could be raised?

a) 1 Newton b) 10 Newton

c) 100 Newton d) 1000 Newton

37. How does a fixed pullcy make work easy?

a) by increasing force

b) By changing direction of the force

c) By changing velocity of force

d) By all the above three way

38. What is measured by the formula ( 2p ´ radius ´ length)

a) Area of a circle

b) Surface area of a sphere

c) Area of the curved surface of a cylinder

39. What is the unit of mechanical advantage

a) No unit b) Cm

c) Metre d) Kilogram

40. Galileo is a scientist of -

a) France b) Italy

c) U. S. A d) Japan



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