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May 31, 2012

BCS Model Question Science and Technology 2


1        What type of ray is used to Produce three dimensional pictures ?           Laser

2        Where did the Bangla letters come from?          Brahmi letters

3        How many layers are in the Retina?       10 layers

4        Excess presence of which things in the blood causes Jaundice ? Bilirubin

5        How many layers are in the Human cornea?      5 layers

6        Which blood group is called the " Universal Donar"?      'O' group

7        Which is the power house of cell?         Mito Chondria

8        When X-ray invented?  1895

9        How long the velocity of a sound stays in brain?            1/13 second.

10        How many states does USA have?       50

11        What form of govt. does USA have?     Presidential

12        What is the northern most thana of Bangladesh?            Tentulia

13        When was the world war II ended?       2 September 1945.

14        Which district does Mount Tajin Dong belong to?          Bandarban

15        What does NAM stand for?     Non  Aligned Movement

16        Who is the architect of " Shabash Bangladesh"? Nitun Kundu

17        When he died? 15th September, 2006

18        What is the name of first Digital film in Bangladesh?       Balughari

19        In which country the opening match of world cup cricket 2011 will be held?       Bangladesh.

20        Which country was the previous member of UNO?       Taiwan



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