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May 31, 2012

BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs 3


01 Who was the designer of our national Flag? Painter kamrul Hasan

02 Who was the first to hoist our National Flag? A. S. M. Abdur Rob, the then VP of Ducsu.

03 In which place, the 15th Asian Games is observing now? Doha, Qatar.

04 In this Asian games how many Countries are participating? 45

05 Which Bangladeshi film won the special Jury Award Abu Syeed

06 Who was the first chief advisor of caretaker Government in Bangladesh Justices Shahauddin

07 Who is the author of " Arabian Nights"? Sir Richard Burton.

08 Which is the 1st welfare state is the world? Sewden

09 Which Asian country belongs to the group of G-8 countries? Japan

10 Which country is the latest member of G-8? Russia

11 What is Eden Garden? A Cricket Stadium

12 Which country was the first to recognize Bangladesh as an independent national? India

13 What is the maximum limit of tax free personal income? TK. 1,20,000

14 Who was the, commander in chief of the liberation war of Bangladesh? M. A. G Osmani

15 Which organization has got first Nobel prize in Asia? Grameen Bank

16 The constitution of Bangladesh has been subject to how many amendments till today? 14

17 How many members are there in SAARC ? 8

18 Which Asian country is included in OPECrecently? Indonesia

19 In which year Hong Kong became a part of China? 1997

20 The historical D-Day is related with what? Second world war



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