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May 31, 2012

BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs-10


1 Who is the author of "In the line of Fire"? Gen. Parvez Mosharraf, President of Pakistan

2 Who is the present Prime Minister of Japan? Shinjo Abbe

3 Who won the Nobel Prize 2006 in Literature Orhan pamuk (Turky)

4 In which place 14th SAARC summit will be held? New Delhi

5 Which baller made hattrick in the first over of the innings in test cricket? Irfan jpathan

6 Which country is called the 5th Dragon ? Singapore

7 Which day is observed as " International Mother's Day"? 2nd sunday of May

8 Which is the coal driven power plant? Boro Pukuria ( Dinajpur)

9 Which district does contain most of enclaves of India? Lalmonirhat

10 What is 'freedom house'? An organization of American intellectuals

11 Which country first used national flag? Denmark

12 Which country introduced stamps? UK

13 When did the first rail line established in Bangladesh? 1862

14 Which colour we can see from a long distance? Red

15 What PRSP stands for? Poverty Reduction Strategy paper

16 In which year Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) leave ( Hizrat) Madina for Hizrat? 622 AD.

17 What is the waterway seperating India and Srilanka? Palk strait

18 Which is the capital of UAE? Abu Dhabi

19 From which date Fiscal year starts in Bangladesh? 1st July

20 World environment Day observes in which day? 5th june



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