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May 31, 2012

BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs 2


1 What is the name of British parliament? House of commons

2 The first English Dictionary was compiled by Samuel Johnson

3 Which English poet died of Tuberculosis? John Keats

4 Who is the father of Biology? Aristotle

5 Why the colour of Sky is blue? For ozon (O3)

6 Which classes of animals are of cold blooded animal? Amphibia and Reptilia

7 What is the largest gland of human body? Liver

8 What is the smallest gland of human body? Pituitary gland

9 Which thing controls the colour of the body? Melanine

10 When was two taka coin introduced in Bangladesh? 26th october 2004

11 Which is the largest Muslim country in the world? Indonesia

12 Where is "Statue of Peace" located? Nagasaki, Japan

13 How many land ports are there in Bangladesh? 12

14 Who was the ruler during "French Revolution" in France? Sixteenth Lui.

15 What is called " The land of humming Birds"? Trinidad

16 When was the constitution of Bangladesh effected from ? 16 December 1972

17 Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan? Mohammad Ali Jinnah

18 Which religion is indifferent about the existence of god? Buddhism

19 In Which year the battle of water loo was fought? 1815 AD.

20 Who is the first Black to win the Wimbledon (Tennis)? Arthur Ash



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