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May 31, 2012

BCS Model Question Home and International Affairs 2011


1 Brazil won the first world cup football in which year?     1958

2        'The information highway' is also known as what?          Internet

3        Which country scored the highest runs in one day international Criket?   Srilanka (443) runs

4        In which place of Bangladesh the highest shahid Miner is situated?         In Jahangirnagar University

5        Which is the third Girl's Cadet College? Jaipurhat Girl's Cadet College

6        In which city the cost of living is highest in the world?     Oslo, Norway

7        In which city the cost of living is lowest in the world?     Mumbai, India

8        In which country the 19th world cup Football Tournament 2010 will be held?    South Africa

9        What is stands for FIFA?          Federation of International Football Association

10        What is capital city of Sieraleon?           Free Town.

11        Who is the first female poet in Bangla Literature?           Chandrabati.

12        Who is the first female Novelist in Bangla literature?       Sharankumari Devi.

13        In which hemisphere Australia is situated?          Southern Hemisphere

14        Who was the first Muslim to become the president of independent India?           Zakir Hossain.

15        Which country was attacked 1st in the world war-1 ?    Serbia.

16        When was slavery abolished from America?      1863.

17        Which Mughal emperor built the Lahore Fort (in 1566)?            Akbar.

18        Which country was the first to make an attack in the 1st world war?      Austria /  28 July 1914.

19        Which wilful Roman Emperor orders the crucifixion of St. Peter?           Nero.

20      Who named Dhaka as Jahangir Nagar? Subedar Islam Khan.



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