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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions with answers-5


1 Which district of our country does contain most of enclaves of India? Lalmonirhat.

2 At first who translated into English our National Anthum ? Sayed Ali Ahsan

3 Who is the disigner of our Natioinal flag? Qamrul Hasan

4 How many representatives reserved seats for women in our National parliament now? 45

5 How many international airports are there in Bangladesh? 3

6 Paharpur Situated in which district of Bangladesh? Naogaon

7 Fulbaria coalmine is Situated in which district? Dinajpur

8 In which country 15th SAARC summit will be held? Maldives

9 What is the present name of world Trade centre? Ground Zero.

10 The next NAM conference ' 2009 will be held in which country? Egypt.

11       Which country is the latest member of WTO? Vietnam

12 How many members of WTO at present? 150

13 Saddam Hussain is sentenced to death for what? Dujail Gonohotha

14 Which is 6th mobile phone company in our country? WARID Telecom

15 Who is the UN Secretary General at Present? Ban Ki moon

16 Recently who crossed the total length of Amazan river by swimming? Martin strail of Slovania.

17 Recently which country is interested to become an observer of SAARC? Russia

18 Who is the chairperson of SAARC at present? Dr. Monomohan Singh

19 When Bangladesh achieved the test status in cricket? 26the June, 2000.

20 Who is the highest wicket taker in the test cricket ? Shane Warne



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