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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions with answer-10

01 Which planet has recently been the target of a lot of controversy? Pluto

02 Which is the only Indian state to have gold mine? Karnataka

03 What is the waterway seperating India and Srilanka? Palk strait

04 What is the North eastern most thana of Bangladesh? Jokigong

05 Which is the 3rd largest forest in Bangladesh? Modhupur and Vowal Gahr

06 Which is the only hilly island in Bangladesh? Maheshkhali

07 What is the collective name given to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark? Scandinavia

08 What is the length of English channel? 564 km.

09 In the Jupiter the duration of day and night are how many hours? 5 hours

10 Helsinki is the capital of which country? Finland.

11 'Cosovo' situated in which country? Sarbia

12 'Akaba' is the seaport of which country? Jodarn

13 Which is the longest surah of holy Quran? Surah Al Bakara

14 Who was known as " Shakkahshingh"? Goutom Budha

15 What is " Crusade"? a war for the cause of religion.

16 What is the name of scripture of Buddists? Tripitak

17 Which surah is called the crown of holy Quran"? Sura Rahman

18 Which surah is called " Ummul Quran"? Al Fatiha

19 What is the pseudonym of Mir Mosharraf Hossain? Gazi Miah

20 "Showkat Osman" is the pseudonym of which writer? Shaikh Azizur Rahman



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