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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions with answers-6


1        What is the Seudonym of Essayist Promoth Chowdhury?           Birbal

2        In which country the Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet set?           Denmark.

3        Who is the only person in this subcontinent to won the oscar prize?        Sattyajit Roy.

4        Who was the first Asian recipient of the Nobel prize?    Rabindranath Tagore.

5        In 2006 who won the Nobel prize in literature?  Aurhan pamuk

6        The legendary Alladin was from which country? China

7        What are the five lines on which music is written, called?            Staves/ staff

8        Who is the director of the film Titanic?   James cameroon

9        " Magsasay" Prize is given from which country? Philipines

10        Who did write " Jungle Book"?             Rudyard Kipling

11        " Tom sawyer" is written by whom?       Mark Twain

12        How many women freedom fighters received the Beer Protik Award for their contribution in our liberation war? 2

13        What is the lowest Judiciary court in Bangladesh?          Union Council.

14        How many enclaves has Bangladesh in India?    51

15        What is the name of our Air Chief ?       Air Marshal Shah

16        What is the name of our Neval Chief?   Vice Admiral Sarower Jahan Nizam

17        What is the name of our Army chief?     General Moin U. Ahmed

18        Which day is observed as our " National Day"? 26th March

19        In which year our election was rendered at lst under caretaker Govt.      1991

20        From which day Fiscal year starts in Bangladesh?          from 1st July.



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