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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions for 2011 with answers 4


1 In which country the opening ceremony of world cup cricket 2011 will be held? Bangladesh.

2 The expression " Grandslam" is connected with which game? Tennis

3 The word " volly" is used in which game? Lawn Tennis

4 Who won the golden award Miroslave Klose in the world cup football 2006 Miroslave Klose

5 Brazil won at first the world cup football in which year? 1458

6 How many centuries scored by sachin Tendulkar in one day International Cricket? 41

7. How many centuries scored by sachin Tendulkar in Test Cricket? 37

8 Which country is the organiser of Olympic 2008? China

9 Which bowler made a new record in cricket who has taken 4 wkts from 4 balls successively in one day international cricket? Lasitha Malinga

10 Who was the first to come in Bengal among Europeans? Portuges

11 Who is the first Muslim congressman of USA congress? Kith Alison

12 Who was the 1st member of British Parliament form this subcontinent? Dwda Bhai Naoroj

13 When did arrive the French in Bangla? 1668

14 Who is known as " Little corporal"? Napolean Bonaparte

15 Who became the first viceroy of India in 1858 ? Lord Canning

16 Who was the last emperor of Mughal reign? Bahadur Shah

17 Who was the leader of non-cooperation movement? Mahatma Gandhi

18 Which Politician of USA was a scientist also? Benjamin Franklin

19 How long Vietnam war was abiding Lasting? 30 years

20 Before 1975 East Timur was a colony of which country? Portugal



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