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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions with answers-8

1    Who is the first Muslim women to win the Noble peace prize?   Ans: Shirin Ebadi
2    Which country will host the world cup soccer in 2010?    Ans: South Africa
3    When was Bangladesh's Flag first hoisted?     Ans: 2nd March 1971
4    When was the constitution of the people's Republic of Bangladesh introduced? Ans: 16th December 1972.
5    Who is Martina Hingis? Ans:    An ex-tennis player
6    What is the name of the largest Muslim country in the world?Ans:    Indonesia
7    Who wrote " Padmaragh"?  Ans:  Begum Rokeya
8    Which country's name  and its capital's name are same?    Ans:Singapore
9    What does the word 'Brochure' mean?     Ans:A pamphlet
10    Who was the first recipient of the Noble Prize for literature?    Ans:RFA Sully Pradhomme.
11    Which is the largest cell of animal body?  Ans:  Neuron
12    Hormone is called as a---    Ans: Chemical Messenger
13    What is the former name of Ethiopia?   Ans: Abisinia
14    Which city is called " The city of 7 hills"?  Ans:  Rome
15    Who discovered the ocean route from Europe to India?   Ans: Vasco Da Gama.
16    Where is situated the historic "Mohastan Garh"?  Ans:  In Bogra
17    Which country does not have access to sea? Ans:   Afghanistan
18    In which year Hongkong became a part of China?  Ans:  1997
19    Which mosquito causes malaria?  Ans:  Anophelis
20    What is the noun of the word " Vary"?   Ans: Variance
21    How long is Mohakhali Flyover in Dhaka? Ans:   1.8 km.
22    Which is the longest sea beach in the world? Ans:   Cox's Bazar.
23    Who is the author of the book " The audacity of hope"? Ans:   Barak Obama
24    How many Satellite centers are there in Bangladesh?   Ans:  4
25    Vhatiali is the song of which area?  Ans:  Mymensingh.
26    Who wrote " My Experiments with Truth"?   Ans: Mahatma Gandhi
27    Which British Prime Minister was awarded Nobel Prize in literature?    Ans:Sir Winston Churchill.
28    Who is known as the ' Swan of Avon'?    Ans:William Shakespeare
29    Which is the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world?    Ans:Great Britain
30    Which is the largest Pyramid? Ans:   The Great Pyramid, built by khufu ( king Cheops)
31    In which century was lord Buddha born?  Ans:  6th century BC (around 560 BC)
32    Which were three magic words of the French revolution?   Ans: Eqalite, Liberte, Fraternite. ( Equality, liberty, Fraternity)
33    Which great historian is called the 'Father of History'?  Ans:   Herodotus.
34    From which country was Florida purchased by the USA?  Ans:  Spain
35    Who invented the bifocal lens?    Ans: Benjamin Franklin.
36    In which country is tea first believed to have been cultivated?   Ans: South China ( China).
37    Which planet has the largest number of moons?  Ans:   Saturn
38    How long is a nautical mile?  Ans:   1.85 km.
39    What is the approximate distance of moon from the earth?   Ans:  384402 km ( centre to centre). or 376285 km (surface to surface).
40    Which day is celebrated as World Literacy Day?  Ans:   8th September.
41    What is the nick name of New York city?  Ans:  Big Apple.
42    Who killed Julius Caesar?  Ans:  Brutus.
43    What is the elaboration of FAO?   Ans: Food and Agricultural Organization
44    "Veni Vidi Vici" - Who said it?   Ans:  Julius Caesar
45    What is the largest city in Africa?  Ans:  Cairo
46    What is the other name of coal?   Ans: Black Diamond.
47    Yankee is the nickname of the citizen of which country?    Ans:America.
48    What is the top spinner's  name in the team, Srilanka?  Ans:  Mutaya Muralidharan.
49    Who was the inventor of telephone?   Ans:  Alexander Graham Bell.
50    Which was the first country to issue stamps?  Ans:   Great Britain.



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