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May 31, 2012

BCS General Knowledge Model Questions for 2011 with answers 4


1 Who was the first president of Pakistan? Iskandar Ali Mirza

2 When did the first amendment bill of constitution raised in our parliament? 12 July 1973

3 In which year Bangladesh became a member of UNO? In 1974

4 Who is the inventor of calculator? Charlse Babase

5 Who is the inventor of calculus? Isac Newton

6 Who is known as the father of Geometry? Euclid

7 Which tissues connect one bone to another? Ligaments

8 Which part of the human body is the pattella? Knee cap

9 What is the acceptable range of Arsenic according who? 0.05 mg/litre

10 What taste to acids acquire after being dissolved in water? Sour

11 What is the name of the first space of Satelite? Sputnik-1

12 Which day observed as environment day? 5 June

13 CD Rom stnds for what? Compact Dist read only Memory

14 In computer science what is the eloboration of VIRUS? Vital Information Resources under selge

15 Who is the first women space tourist ? Anusheh Ansari

16 What is the name of first procreated body by genetic techcology? Gemifa

17 What is the another name of a Laptop computer? Portable computer

18 What is the population density per square kilometer in our country? 928

19 Where do the Asian Games, 2006 take place? Doha in Katar

20 What is the currency of Thiland? Bath

21 What is the name of Parliament of Japan? Diayet



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