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Jan 23, 2012

Cornerstones of Cost Accounting, 1st edition




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Book Title:  Cornerstones of Cost Accounting, 1st edition

Author : Don Hansen and Marianne M. Mowen

Publisher: South Western - Cengage Learning © 2011

Download Each Chapter:

Chapter 01 Introduction to Cost Management
Chapter 02 Basic Cost Management Concepts
Chapter 03 Cost Behavior
Chapter 04 Activity-Based Costing
Chapter 05 Product and Service Costing: Job Order Costing
Chapter 06 Process Costing
Chapter 07 Allocating Costs of Support Departments and Joint Products
Chapter 08 Budgeting for Planning and Control
Chapter 09 Standard Costing: A Functional-Based Control Approach
Chapter 10 Decentralization: Responsibility Accounting, Performance Evaluation, and Transfer Pricing
Chapter 11 Strategic Cost Management
Chapter 12 Activity-Based Management
Chapter 13 The Balanced Scorecard
Chapter 14 Quality and Environmental Cost Management
Chapter 15 Productivity Management and Control
Chapter 16 Cost Volume Profit Analysis
Chapter 17 Activity Resource Usage Model
Chapter 18 Pricing and Profitability Analysis
Chapter 19 Capital Investment
Chapter 20 Inventory Management
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