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Dec 13, 2011

Internship Report on General Banking Practice in National Bank Ltd.(NBL)


This report is a combination of three  months  internship program in National Bank Limited.

“Bank” a little word but plays a very significant role in each country for the economic development. Even it is become impossible now a day to think about a country’s economical environment excluding banking system. Whatever the countries are stand- poor, less develop, developing or developed but all the countries should have the banking system. Banking system is the heart of each country’s economic body. Economic, momentary and fiscal all the policy directly or indirectly depends on banking system for its better implementation.

National Bank Limited is a banking company in comported in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with limited liability. The task of satisfying the export-import group, deposit group and borrower group is the first priority here. It aims at maintaining the high quality of service, has already achieved at the same time being in a sound financial health. Credit risk and quality risk are well under control. The management of National Bank has been focusing on these key issues for ensuring a better base foe their bank to stand on.

The internship report is divided into two parts the organizational part and the project part. The organizational part includes the company profile, company background, nature of business,  vision  mission,  goals,  objectives,  capital  structure,  organization  and management structure, products and services, human resources, market and target customers, organizational strategy. The project part consists of  analysis of the fund Management System of National bank Limited. From this analysis of fund management system, I am tried to find out some recommendation issues that might be an accurate way to overcome the drawbacks of National Bank Limited.

I acknowledge different banking functions and day-to-day banking operation on my way to complete this internship. In this report I have explained my best in respect of my real

life experience gather from different department.




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