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Aug 1, 2011

Financial Analysis with Excel

Free Excel Spreadsheets

Note: All spreadsheets are made by financial experts, if you want to Download then click on “bold”  like symbol and you will gwt your desired tool.

Capital Budgeting Analysis (xls) - Basic program for doing capital budgeting analysis with inclusion of opportunity costs, working capital requirements, etc. - Aswath Damodaran

Rating Calculation (xls) - Estimates a rating and cost of debt based on the coverage of debt by an organization - Aswath Damodaran

LBO Valuation (xls) - Analyzes the value of equity in a leverage buyout (LBO) - Aswath Damodaran

Synergy (xls) - Estimates the value of synergy in a merger and acquisition - Aswath Damodaran

Valuation Models (xls) - Rough calculation for choosing the correct valuation model - Aswath Damodaran

Risk Premium (xls) - Calculates the implied risk premium in a market. (uses macro's) - Aswath Damodaran

FCFE Valuation 1 (xls) - Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) Valuation Model for organizations with stable growth rates - Aswath Damodaran

FCFE Valuation 2 (xls) - Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) Valuation Model for organizations with two periods of growth, high growth initially and then stable growth - Aswath Damodaran

FCFE Valuation 3 (xls) - Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) Valuation Model for organizations with three stages of growth, high growth initially, decline in growth, and then stable growth - Aswath Damodaran

FCFF Valuation 1 (xls) - Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) Valuation Model for organizations with stable growth rates - Aswath Damodaran

FCFF Valuation 2 (xls) - Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) Valuation Model for organizations with two periods of growth, high growth initially and then stable growth - Aswath Damodaran

Time Value (xls) - Introduction to time value concepts, such as present value, internal rate of return, etc.

Lease or Buy a Car (xls) - Basic spreadsheet for deciding to buy or lease a car.

NPV & IRR (xls) - Explains Internal Rate of Return, compares projects, etc.

Real Rates (xls) - Demonstrates inflation and real rates of return.

Template (xls) - Template spreadsheet for project evaluation & capital budgeting.

Free Cash Flow (xls) - Cash flow worksheets - subsidized and unsubsidized.

Capital Structure (xls) - Spreadsheet for calculating optimal capital structures using different percents of debt.

WACC (xls) - Calculation of Weighted Average Cost of Capital using beta's for equity.

Statements (xls) - Generate a set of financial statements using two input sheets - operational data and financial data.

Bond Valuation (zip) - Calculates the value or price of a 25 year bond with semi-annual interest payments.

Buyout (zip) - Analyzes the effects of combining two companies.

Cash Flow Valuation (zip) - Walks through a valuation of cash flows under three models- capital cash flows, equity cash flows, and free cash flows.

Financial Projections (zip) - Spreadsheet model for generating projected financials along with valuation based on WACC.

Leverage (zip) - Shows the effects on Net Income from using debt (leverage).

Ratio Calculator (zip) - Calculates a standard set of ratios based on input of financial data.

Stock Value (zip) - Calculates expected return on stock and value based on no growth, growth, and variable growth.

CFROI (xls) - Simplified Cash Flow Return on Investment Model.

Financial Charting (zip) - Add on tool for Excel 97, consists of 6 files.

Risk Analysis (exe) - Analysis and simulation add on for excel, self extracting exe file.

Black Scholes Option Pricing (zip) - Excel add on for the pricing of options.

Cash Flow Matrix - Basic cash flow model.

Business Financial Analysis Template for start-up businesses from Small Business Technology Center

Forex (zip) - Foreign market exchange simulation for Excel

Hamlin (zip) - Financial function add-on's for Excel

Tanly (zip) - Suite of technical analysis models for Excel

Financial History Pivot Table - Microsoft Financials

Income Statement What If Analysis

Breakeven Analysis (zip) - Pricing and breakeven analysis for optimal pricing - Biz Pep.

SLG Ratio Master (exe) - Excel workbook for creating 25 key performance ratios.

DCF - Menu driven Excel program (must enable macros) for Discounted Cash Flow Analysis from the book Analysis for Financial Management by Robert C. Higgins - Analysis for Financial Management

History - Menu driven Excel program (must enable macros) for Historical Financial Statements from the book Analysis for Financial Management by Robert C. Higgins - Analysis for Financial Management

Business Valuation Model (zip) - Set of tabbed worksheets for generating forecast / valuation outputs. Includes instruction sheet. Bizpep

LBO Model - Excel model for leveraged buy-outs

Comparable Companies - Excel valuation model comparing companies

Combination Model - Excel valuation model for combining companies

Balanced Scorecard - Set of templates for building a balanced scorecard.

Cash Model - Template for calculating projected financials from CFO Connection

Techniques of Financial Analysis - Workbook of 11 templates (breakeven, valuation, forecasting, etc.) from ModernSoft

Ratio Reminder (zip) - Simple worksheet of comparative financials and corresponding ratios

Risk Analysis IT - Template for assessing risk of Information Technology - Audit Net

Risk Analysis DW - Template for assessing risk of Data Warehousing - Audit Net

Excel Workbook 1-2 - Set of worksheets for evaluating financial performance and forecasting - Supplemental Material for Short Course 1 and 2 on this website.

Rule Maker Essentials - Excel Template for scoring a company by entering financial data - The Motley Fool

Rule Maker Ranker - Excel Template for scoring a company by entering comparable data - The Motley Fool

IPO Timeline - Excel program for Initial Public Offerings (must enable macros)

Assessment Templates - Set of templates for assessing an organization based on the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Model.

Cash Gap in Days - Spreadsheet for calculating number of days required for short-term financing.

Cash Flow Template - Simple cash flow model with explanations of each cash flow component - Arkansas Small Business Development Center.

Six Solver Workbook (zip) - Set of various spreadsheets for solving different business problems (inventory ordering, labor scheduling, working capital, etc.).

Free Cash Flow Valuation - Basic Spreadsheet Valuation Model

Finance Examples - Seven examples in Business Finance - Solver

Capital Budgeting Workbook - Several examples of capital budgeting analysis, including the use of Solver to select optimal projects.

Present Value Tables (rtf) - Set of present value tables written in rich text format, compatible with most word processors. Includes examples of how to use present value tables.

Investment Valuation Model (zip) - Valuation model of companies (30 Day Trial Model) from Business Spreadsheets | Additional Trial Models from Business Spreadsheets > Real Option Valuation | Portfolio Optimization | Optimal Hedging Strategy

Cash Flow Sensitivity (xlt) - Sensitivity analysis spreadsheet - Small Business Store

What If Analysis - Set of templates for sensitivity analysis using financial inputs.

Risk Return Optimization - Optimal project selection (must enable macro's) - Metin Kilic

CI - Basics #1 - Basic spreadsheet illustrating competitive analysis - Business Tools Templates.

CI - Basics #2 - Basic spreadsheet illustrating competitive analysis - Business Tools Templates.

External Assessment - Assessment questions for organizational assessment (must enable macros).

Internal Assessment - Assessment questions for organizational assessment (must enable macros).

Formal Scorecard - Formal Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet Model (3.65 MB / must enable macros) - Madison Area Quality Improvement Network.

Project Plan - Project Scheduling Template currently setup for a Balanced Scorecard Project.

Gantt Chart - Gantt chart for project management with work plan - Jim Chapman's Web Site | Simplified Version - Barnard of Fong's Eng & Manf

E O Q Model - Simple Inventory Models for calculating Economic Order Quantity.

Inventory Simulation Control Model - Formal model for simulating inventory shortages, delivery times, costs, backorders, and optimal inventory levels - John McClain

Financial Projections Model - A comprehensive financial model for forecasting a complete set of financials with breakeven and valuation tabs developed by Frank Moyes and Stephen Lawrence at Leeds School of Business.

Option Trading Workbook - Educational toolkit for using Excel for Options - Option Trading Tips

Financial Model - A nice clean financial model driven by different calculators (such as Company, Market, Subscribers, etc.) developed by Bill Snow.

Forecasting Model - Step by step financial model for forecasting financials created by Sam Gui

Economic Evaluation - Step by step workbook for evaluating the economics of a system investment

Project Management Templates - A collection of templates (charter, budget, risk register, issues log, etc.) for managing a project - International Association of Project and Program Management

Project Cost Estimating Workbook - A workbook model for developing a cost estimate on a software development project - ProTrain China

Risk Assessment Register - A workbook for establishing a risk management register - Emergency Preparedness Capacity Builders

Simple ABC Model - A simple model that illustrates Activity Based Costing

Six Sigma Tool Kit - A large collection of templates for doing six sigma tasks

Project Management Tool Kit - Collection of useful templates for managing projects - Michael D. Taylor

Intellectual Property Valuation Model - A simple and easy to use model to help assign value to intellectual assets such as patents, copyrights and trademarks - My Patent

IT Infrastructure Maturity Assessment - Maturity model for evaluating different segments of IT infrastructure

EVA Model - Template worksheets for calculating Economic Value Added (EVA) - Zachary Scott

EVA Tree Model - Economic Value Added drill-down model with charts - Manfred Grotheer

Personal Finance Model - A simple and clean model to track personal wealth - ROI Team

Financial Startup Model - A six parameter model to help organize financials for startup companies - ROI Team

Master Budget Model - A multi-period multi-product budget model for a fictional bicycle manufacturing company - Jason Porter, PhD at University of Idaho and Teresa Stephenson, PhD at University of Wyoming.

Performance Leadership Assessment - Simple and straight-forward tool for assessing leadership across five important categories - People Positive

Due Diligence Assessment Model - Assessment of new business ventures across ten different dimensions - Affiliate Tips

Management Diamond Assessment - A useful tool for developing human capital and teams - Geir Fuglaas | Management Diamond Overview | Management Diamond Book

Performance Solution Tool Kit - Evaluation of performance issues related to knowledge gaps - Brent Norton

Ratio Tree - A simple yet comprehensive tree of ratios for most businesses - Strategy Expert

Skills & Modeling Guide | Assessment Exercise Workbook - Two very good spreadsheet models to help you develop your spreadsheet modeling skills - Tykoh Training

Breakeven Forecasting Model - A clean and contemporary spreadsheet tool for easily forecasting breakeven. Includes parameters for seasonality and start-up optimization - Ethos 360

ROI IT Initiative Tool - A comprehensive business case model for evaluating technology projects - Hall Consulting

Waterfall Distribution Model - Distribution of proceeds from a business venture using hurdles - Global iConnect

LBO DCF Model - Leveraged Buyout Model with tabs for financials and analysis - Global iConnect

Disclaimer: These  all are copyrighted Materials dont further use for commercial need. And special thanks goes to www.exinfm.com.



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