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Jul 9, 2011

How to Interview Like A Top MBA


Over the years, I have beneted from outstanding academic and
career advice and from excellent mentoring and interview coach-
ing. Many of my successes—from gaining admission to top universities,
to landing jobs within prestigious companies such as McKinsey & Com-
pany and Morgan Stanley—would not have been possible except for the
wonderful mentoring I have received over the years. My gratitude for
this assistance created in me years ago a dedication to empowering other
people with knowledge and resources, helping enable them to make their
own dreams become reality. For more than fteen years, I have devel-
oped my own perspectives on interviewing and career management best
practices, and I have conveyed those perspectives to others, helping
them to secure access to excellent jobs and academic programs as a
result. I have enjoyed designing educational resources using different
tools that prod people to think deeply about how they can best develop
their talents, how they can put them to use, and how they can effectively
draw on educational resources to open doors of opportunity.
In this work, I am happy to share important insights about inter-
viewing. The art of interviewing excellently is relevant not only for
those in business, but for those pursuing employment in many other
elds—from law to the nonprot sector. Similarly, the insights of this
book can help you regardless of whether you are seeking full-time
employment, part-time employment, internships, or admission into aca-
demic programs.

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